Morning After

I love a good spicy tomato juice, there are never two alike, it's always a voyage of taste discovery, and sometimes the café people just let lose and go for it.And they are perfect 'morning after the night before' resuscitator.

Changing my behaviour - bloggers helping me

Not the biggie change that I talk about about a week or so but a few small things.

A while ago Brenda listed a few things that were annoying/the-same-as-elsewhere about living in Wellington. One of those listed was, "cigarette butts on the street" and as I smoke (for now) I have changed to make an effort to stick the bloody finished butt into a bin.
(sorry, searched and searched for the link but couldn't find it)

Mo - the mo has changed because of some comments around the "standard, boring Movember" over at Public Address System. I agree with those comments, the standard of creativity with the mo has been sadly lacking. I am struggling to make it a bit more fun but ... well, we'll see what happens.