Oh bum! Have you ever send an email to the whole company?

[Update #1] Hmm, this seems to be more than my problem as some people (I didn't tick) have received NINE emails. Oh crap, I am gonna be known as Spammer Of The Year at this rate. And what about the mailing lists ... this could grow into a monster! Eek

[Update #2] Interesting side effects of my cock-up (and it does seem to be mine and not StumbleUpon's)
  • I have a reason to clean up my GMail contacts
  • I have a reason to remove myself from old Yahoo/Google Groups I no longer read
  • 3 old friends have got back in touch
  • Quite a few have actually discovered StumbleUpon and said thanks - definitely a side effect and not my intention
  • I now know:
    • there are loads on Kiwi's already on holiday (lucky sods)
    • a truck load of people in Wellington have moved jobs
  • It's oodles of emails from me but only one in each person's InBox and so life isn't too bad really
All that remains is to face the hordes at work that will have received it .. *gulp*

I haven't yet sent an email to all in a company*... but I have managed to invite everyone that's passed through my GMail to StumbleUpon.

Sorry, I fvcked up

I thought I'd sent a "connect with me" email to about 7 mates that were already on StumbleUpon ... but obviously something else, somewhere was ticked. Something along the lines of "And invite your friends to join this great service", you know the sort.


To all those that received an email from me via StumbleUpon today - I apologise.

A lot of you won't even know who I am as GMail adds every To/CC into your contacts as the email comes in. Rest assured that someone you know is also someone I know. We are connected, somehow and it wasn't random spam.

But anyway ...

* Confession #2: The Great "What's On" Email Disaster
I once ran a "What's On In Wellington" site that had a 'subscribe by email' to receive a weekly newsletter of what was coming up. It was damned popular as it spanned everything from gigs and low key events all the way up to the latest Stadium spectacular.

The site was run on code I wrote ("the geek within me beats strong") and I once 'upgraded' the email format. The undocumented feature was that the "To" wasn't being cleared out each time and therefore everyone received a copy of the email for each of the person in front of them from the alphabetically sorted list. Mr Aaaa Aa only got one email. Ms Zzzz Z received around 275 emails and I received many a, "Please, for the love of all that's humane, make it stop!" type email.

I had to apologise most profusely then as well. I did learn, however, that people are understanding and a genuine mistake is fine as long as it's a rare occasion and that you understand, apologise and fix it instantly.


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