Wellingtonista Awards - voting closes Monday night

Just a quick reminder to get your votes in as the polls close on Monday.

The 20 categories are (click for nominee details)
  1. Best cultural venue
  2. Best apparel store
  3. Best UnCheap Eats
  4. Best Breakfast
  5. Best public space
  6. Best Cheap Eats
  7. Wellingtonian of the year
  8. Best Non-Drinking Venue
  9. Hottest Hospo of the Year
  10. Best Suburban Venue
  11. Best 2007 Wellington-based Event
  12. Most Needed
  13. Best Building
  14. Wellington Supervillain of the Year
  15. Best Dub Dub Dubber
  16. Best Coffee Beans
  17. Best Public Art
  18. Best Shop nominations
  19. Best Late-Night Venue nominations
  20. Best drink nominations


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