Facebook - is it starting to show it's true colours AND do you care?

As Facebook looks around at making money I see a subtle shift/revealing in the philosophy of Facebook and I can't say I'm too comfortable with it. Over the passed few days I've been easing myself back with what I have on their, what Facebook apps I'm using* and just what I want to let them take control of.

And before I continue - if you're wondering what Facebook is then may I sugget you head straight to 5 easy ways to protect your online presence with Dr Miramar Mike

Of course what they take control of is data. Data about me and my activities.
I think, however, that the new Facebook Terms of Conditions highlighted two areas I am not happy with.
All content on the Site and available through the Service, including designs, text, graphics, pictures, video, information, applications, software, music, sound and other files, and their selection and arrangement (the "Site Content"), are the proprietary property of the Company, its users or its licensors with all rights reserved.

That's right. Everything EVERYTHING that goes up is for "the Company" - that's your email, your love messages, photos. - the lot. The interesting/distressing thing is that "the Company" is defined as:
The Facebook service and network (collectively, "Facebook" or "the Service") are operated by Facebook, Inc. and its corporate affiliates (collectively, "us", "we" or "the Company").

So, you tell me who their affiliates are!
It's not all bad though - they do recognise that it is YOUR information and that you own it:
Facebook does not assert any ownership over your User Content; rather, as between us and you, subject to the rights granted to us in these Terms, you retain full ownership of all of your User Content and any intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights associated with your User Content.
(my emphasis)

And then there's my second worry - what are those faceless application developers actually doing with my info?!?! The Facebook Terms of Conditions states:
If you, your friends or members of your network use any Platform Applications, such Platform Applications may access and share certain information about you with others in accordance with your privacy settings as further described in our Privacy Policy. Platform Developers are required to agree to restrictions on access, storage and use of such information. However, while we have undertaken contractual and technical steps to restrict possible misuse of such information by such Platform Developers, we do not screen or approve Developers, and we cannot and do not guarantee that all Platform Developers will abide by such restrictions and agreements.
(again, my emphasis)

Of course, maybe none of this is new AND it's too late anyway - there's a fair amount of me stored away and removing my (say) Google Chat account isn't really gonna make a lot of difference - they had it and they still have it even if it's for "archive purposes".

Some are comparing them with Google and the crazy amount of data those guys are collecting. I am totally and utterly biased when I say, "Feels safer to me". I don't know why but it just does. Maybe it's the fact they have tried fighting in the past to keep info away from others ... maybe.

My advice - if you care, do something about it and learn for the next social networking craze. If you're reading this and wondering what it's all about then head straight to 5 easy ways to protect your online presence with Dr Miramar Mike

I leave you visiting this (probably ... possibly) flight of conspiracy theory "big brother/Facebook is watching you for evil reasons" vid


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