How to keep on top of the awesome Wellington geek calendar AND does Auckland have this problem?

Wellington is such a kick-ass wee city in many ways, none more so than the creative juices that flow through a small (by West Coast USA standards) but highly motivated, passionate and extremely talented bunch of Web developers/companies/leaders ... you know who you are, thank you for making Wellington THE place to work and being able to .

However, with such a vibrant community out there it's pretty darned hard to keep a track of all the foo/barcamps, cons, meetups and every other style of cool get together that we need an online (of course) calendar of events. - Wellington Geeks UniteAnd while Brenda Wallace and Andy Chilton think just that they have, in the spirit of the Wellington Web World, gone and done something about it. Welcome to the first release of which, in their own words, is:
This site is designed for those people in Wellington to be able to find out about those geeky events that happen here every now and again (or indeed, more often than you expect). So this site should help you keep your schedule on track so you can attend all those lovely functions.

The site is bare-bones at the moment but it does the essentials and that is to keep you abrest of all the events. As time goes on however, we shall be adding more features such as RSS feeds of the latest events added and possibly iCal somethings to keep your own calendar in sync.

I'm particularly looking forward to the iCal feed so I can synch it all with Google Calendar.
I've also asked for some way of syncing with Facebook events but I might be dreaming there as I have no idea how that could happen (developer magic or some such black art).

And one more note before I have to vacate the "computer room"/spare room for my Mother-in-Law who is up from Christchurch to join in the celebration of of Meg's second birthday.

Is there such a community in Auckland?
Apart from the mighty Russell Brown I never hear of anything as vibrant as we have down here in Wellington. And I'm not buying into any naff Wellington/Auckland bollocks, I am genuinely interested ... anyone leave a comment and enlighten me?


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