RWC: Fortnight to go!


With only 14 days to go (also called a "fortnight", *ahem*) it's fun and games in France already with a bakery 'smuggling in false' World Cup balls, although the Germans aren't taking a blind notice, and the Aussies leaving with their tail between their legs already.

There's a fair amount of All Black trivial news out (thanks to the most excellent RWC reporting at the Auckland-based newspaper, NZ Herald) - catch a look at this little lot:
There's even a reply, from James Mortimer at Sportingo, to the plethora of All Black taunting that's been going on

The Scotland v South Africa game (another friggin' "warm up") is reported as is the Ireland v Italy game and the biggest game of the weekend (in my mind, although the Scots game may turn out to be the best) Wales v France with some coverage .

Again, the excellent NZ Herald coverage continues with a quick glance at the teams in each of the pools: A, B (incl. Wales), C (incl All Blacks) and D

The previous World Cup benchmarks also highlights how hard (impossible so far) it is to defend the World Cup, and I don't see England having a snowball's chance in Hell this time around. Mind you, at least they've won it one more time than France - how's that for pressure on the home side?


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