RWC: Fans, it's all about the fans

Nice article, Rugby World Cup fans will have a ball in France!, from Scott Donaldson at Sportingo. Here's what he says about the two sets of fancs we care about:
All Blacks fans are the most introverted fans I will mention in this article. Rugby supporters in New Zealand are traditionally staunch, know their game inside and out and all hold an opinion on their team. It is typical if the All Blacks lose to see days on end of national mourning as rugby is a religion in this country. The All Blacks bring a nation together like nothing else. Kiwis are generally not as patriotic as their opposition, but the All Blacks do make people proud of the Silver Fern and the Haka. The All Blacks are heroes in New Zealand and an unlikely defeat disappoints fans who don’t appreciate opposition good play as much as other countries, instead pointing their fingers at their team. All Black supporters range in ethnicity and class more than any other major nation in the world. They are the default team of most neutral fans and seen as the Brazil of rugby.
Wales fans are famous for their songs of religious choruses ringing around Cardiff Arms Park in the golden days. This passion and singing of the Welsh shows us how they are up there with New Zealanders as placing rugby as a religion in their lives. Current All Black coach Graham Henry was known as "The Great Redeemer" in Wales, showing the high importance placed on rugby in the Principality. The fans have had fewer opportunities to celebrate in recent times at the Millennium Stadium and the nation yearns for the days of Phil Bennett, JPR Williams, Barry John and Gareth Edwards and a successful side capable of world domination like the glorious 1970s. The crowds will hopefully find a good reason to sing Delilah, Cwm Rhondda and Calon Lan.


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