RWC: On the Welsh, French, Canadaians and only just the Italians


Wales beat the Pumas (Argentina, 27-20) which isn't bad as I rate the Argentinians quite highly and always have. Glad they won through but shame about the lack of Welsh crowd support with a very empty Millennium Stadium.

Canada put the drop on the Portuguese (42-12) . The poor Portuguese must be so looking forward to Saturday 15th (Sep) when they run onto the field against the All Blacks - lines such as, "Nothing to lose", "Learn from the masters", "Can only get better", "This will be a match they'll never forget ... tell their grandchildren" will be trotted out by all the journos/commentators.

And the English LOST to the French once again (22-9). They even managed to get their captain carried off ... they're dropping like flies up there.

Finally, despite the core (36-12) the Italians weren't impressive against the Japanese (so I read).

Is that it for the "warm up" matches? Are we all done now and can't stop friggin' around and concentrate on the actual competition or do we have England v Miramar or France v All Blacks, just to ram home that rugby is played by a handful of countrys - including Namibia?

Oh, and no shagging for the All Blacks ... this is getting serious boys and girls!


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