RWC: Squads, profiles and news


Most interesting squad announcement was the English (World Cup defenders, don't forget) announcing their 'Dads Army' of cup defenders. There's oodles of analysis and comment from the media, online fraternity and South African coaches (hee hee). Oh, and the Irish have announced their squad

All squads must be finalised in the next number of hours (Tuesday 14th, not sure what time zome that ends in)

Closer to home, the news from the All Blacks comes in the form of the inclusion of Greg Somerville, a cracking result for both Mr S and the squad.
Aussie Tim Horan puts his tuppence worth in to the NZ Herald, "Who will win the World Cup series: "Horan is cautious about picking a winning team but said the semis will be made up of South Africa, France, Australia and New Zealand."
Other All Black (subscribe) news:
Welsh news is scant except for Welsh/Newport star Charvis buoyed by Meads praise

Along with the Dropkicks, ruggerblogger is running a series of team profiles and their latest is Wales and Scotland.

Finally the off-the-ball stuff being reported includes:


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