RWC: Mostly noise

Stuff about Wales: Wales captain Gareth Thomas has revealed competition for places in the team has become less fierce since coach Gareth Jenkins announced his 30-man World Cup squad.

And from a Welshmans dream: Can Wales win the Rugby World Cup? Yes, of course we can - in our dreams. After all, there’s little point taking part in a competition if you don’t have the dream of winning it. And winning it should be the aim of every team entering.

Stuff about Argentina by the Welsh: Welsh fly-half James Hook has come forward and told everyone that the Argentinean Pumas are worthy proponents.

Talking down the All Blacks: With the Rugby World Cup nearing and New Zealand clear favourites, many opponents are dusting off their history books and pointing with a smirk at the last four tournaments, in which the All Blacks have often flattered to deceive.

Talking up the All Blacks: Graham Henry and Co are looking good to bring back the World Cup after a 20-year wait. In terms of talent, form and ability, no other country comes close.

Stuff to scare England and South Africa: 'If Samoa's recent results from the Sevens and Pacific Championships are anything to go by, England and South Africa are in for a shock
Samoan squad

I really like Dallaglio - "Who cares what Carling thinks, snorts Dallaglio"

And this is pretty much how I see the whole shebang going!

[Updated later in the day]
Former-Bok Mark Andrews with his NZ Herald prediction: South Africa versus New Zealand / Score: "It will probably come down to kicks, it will come down to penalties".

An unprepared USA squad

All Black profile from ruggerblogger

Thanks to Rugbydump for finding this on YouTube ... I had an intense dislike of Gregan for years after this


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