King Kong - free exhibition and $12 for the deluxe presentation set of the Production Diaries

I am a very VERY happy man.

$12. I mean ... they were around $80 when the DVD #1 came out ... $12 for the whole kit and caboodle* and it's 2 DVD's, a book(let), some "exclusive art (prints)" and probably PJ's phone number, but I haven't checked yet.
King Kong - Peter Jackson's Production Diaries (2005)


I can't recall buying any DVD for $12. Let alone something that came in a presentation box, with the word "2 DVD exclusive" on the front.

$12 ... that's currently (18-Aug-2007, 20:14:36) about AU$10.23, US$8.26 and £4.16
Stunning eh!

Our only issue now is that some small hand has hidden the DVD remote and its been lost for the past 3 days ... it might have gone out with the recycling. We can't watch anything that's not selected on the DVD ("play all" is our saviour) ... time to buy a laptop and hook it into the broadband and TV (they come with DVD players as well, hence the logic).

The NewsDowse not only sells the Production Diaries DVD box thing-a-me-bob for $12 but there's the whole FREE King Kong exhibition as well. Why wouldn't you go?
ZoomIn: NewDowse, 45 Laings Road, Lower Hutt Central, Lower Hutt

BTW: My the Craft2.0 posting is coming, complete with photo's of crafty Wellingtonista ... but I was so overwhelmed by $12 I just had to!

* 2nd time that phrase has been used this week, I apologise


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