Google Reader and authenticated feeds ... how?

With me bringing in the whole concept and application of "Web 2.0" into Fronde's internal workings I am now in the happy position to tell all staff that we have RSS (Wikipedia, me, in plain English) available for anything and everything.

Of course the Wiki* has RSS (latest changes), all the blogs have RSS (we're using one for corporate news as well as personal, team and project stuff) and the client/project/team sites have RSS (document changes and everything).

We're giving everyone an online RSS viewer** but people can use their own one if they want - Outlook 2007 and the like is spreading slooowly here and IE7, Firefox are all ready up for RSS.

Then there's the online people - me, Sandy and the like. We use web based readers with the majority using Google Reader. Issue!
Issue is that we don't publish our feeds to the world (it's Fronde stuff and no, you can't have it) - and to stop you all getting at them we use 'authenticated feeds' (httpS). The server deep within the bowels of Fronde asks, "Who the jolly heck are you" and won't let you go on until you prove you're a loyal and attractive member of the happy band of F.

Google Reader can't handle authenticated feeds.
It gets confused.

And so, how can we overcome this issue - comments, help, advice, assistance greatly received.
I have found a proxy workaround from Andy Delcambre (via Robby on Rails) but nothing else.


* More on our use of the wiki for the "intranet" later - but for now just remember, "It's about the people not the technology"

** We're using MOSS (SharePoint 2007) - whilst it's a gazzillion times improved n the the previous release it still has some issues (more on that later as well) abd one of the major concerns is the RSS webpart is, basically, crap. We're finding/writing our own.


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