Vote 2020 x 4

It's no secret I shall be #PartyVoteGreen and likely to be Labour Paul Eagle for my Rongotai electorate. I shall also be Yes for both referenda.Now that's that out of the way you should of course ignore it and do what you feel is right.First of all I would urge you to VOTE! Make sure you're enrolled and your details are up-to-date: that, no really I can wait, off you go, check your details ... Ok, good. This year from Wednesday 2nd September (overseas) / Saturday 5th September (in NZ) to 7pm on Saturday 19th September you get to vote on one or more of the following:The makeup of ParliamentParty voteYour local MPCannabis legalisation and control referendumEnd of Life Choice referendumYou can vote via post, look out for your voting papers later this month, or in person at many voting booths around Aotearoa New Zealand.
That's who (YOU!), when, where, how, and I shall assume you know why. If you don't…

TWTFTW*, the best of MiramarMike, 7th-20th May, 2007

TWTWTW: That Was The Week That WasA fortnight of web wonders to catch up on as I suffered from a terrible bout of 'bottom explosions' this time last week and just wasn't up to it, or anything to come to that.

Blog articles
This fortnight saw me sharing a coloured spreadsheet for the World Cup, ranting against theft and killing a mouse. But if you miss all those and only get to read, play and extend the TradeMe RSS feed I built with Yahoo! Pipes then I'll be a happy boy. Most commented on article was a "Tell me if you like ..." but had nothing to do with the posting.

Shared RSS items
Feeds for Africa, as always, and how Robert Schoble reads his 600+ feeds is is an excellent video to surviving the onslaught. A fortnight's worth of sexy, cool and still useful articles in reverse chronological order (I think):
  2. Neil Gaiman: The Nature of the infection
  3. Jobs surges ahead with new product
  4. Universal search: The best answer is still the best answer
  5. Jonathan Schwartz: Free Advice for the Litigious...
  6. Fiji: Blocking out democracy
  7. Blog Carnivals and my ‘Makes-Me-Smile Monday’ Post
  8. Peter Jackson and Stephen Spielberg teaming up to make a Tintin trilogy (!)
  9. Some Photographs From the Wedding of the Greatest Living Englishman and Melinda Perry Gebbie
  10. Kaliyuga Kronicles: The Blair Years: The Critical Moments
  11. On Mozilla and The Evolution of the Browser
  12. No advertising? No way. - 2011 Rugby World Cup in Wellington
  13. Remarkable Persons
  14. "I have a baaaad feeling about this" - greatest headline of the fortnight
  15. 9 Attitudes of Highly Creative People
  16. Car Boot Hell
  17. Gmail tip: Shift to compose a message in a new window
  18. Alton Towers closes 'Emotional Rollercoaster'
  19. Hug somebody today, okay?
  20. My four pillars of happiness: energy, fun, peace of mind, and love.

Photos uploaded for the fortnight cover everything photographer Jack, Pilates, Seatoun beach visit and Orries rugby, friends visiting on Mothers Day, Jack's swimming lesson and a cracking Indian meal before a wander around the waterfront.

Whilst those that have crossed my path and made me stop include Len Lye's (now) broken waterfront twizzle stick, eerie shot of Wellington waterfront (which I wanted to blog but copyright and all that), Marion Street hooker, the navy invades and Phoenix.

The three I want to share with you is one from the Riversdales, Jack before his swimming lesson (all here), and two shared Wellington Harbour and Jade Stadium and the Port Hills:
Flickr: Jack before the simming lesson Flickr: Jade Stadium and the Port Hills, Christchurch, New Zealand, 10 May 2007 Flickr: Wellington Harbour

I've watched a few videos over the fortnight (Heathcliff - Heathcliff!) but this is my fave I want to re-share:

And finally, How to Transfer Cassette Tape to Computer [reference + music] is the top site added to my bookmarks

* TWTFTW = That Was The FORTNIGHT That Was. Named after a 1960's British satirical TV programme [BBC | Wikipedia]