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Oh yes, what I have just built upon the MiramarMike search ... oh yes, watch out Google here comes MiramarMike. The lesson though is that it is extremely easy to do and brings search results straight to me - I no longer have to "go to the search page" - just type in the search box of my browser and voila!

What is the 'browser search box'?
In Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE7) there is a built-in search box (extreme top right) which is usually set to Google or Microsoft's Live Search (I suggest you change it to Google).

How to add new ones?
Both browser can, however, have any number of search engines and Firefox and IE will let you add news ones with a click - Firefox | IE

And creating your/my own?
The way browsers understand the world of search engines is standard and so you can create your own. Whilst Firefox has a page that is too techie and detailed for most Internet Explorer has a very simple and usable method of generating your own search 'add in'.

I created my own 'all of MiramarMike' search within seconds and now had it loaded in IE7 instantly.

I also took the XML generated, saved into a public file (here at Omnidrive) and amended my template so that, allegedly, your browser will simply pick it up and let you add it, if you want. Possibly. This is how I added the search to Firefox.

For more information I suggest you read the following:
And again, why would you want to do this?
Whilst this is all jolly for me and my MiramarMike how does it affect you?

You can do the same for any Web search you use - say an Intranet at work, a web phone list you use, all can be added into your browser and give you instant access to YOUR search results.


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