I killed a mouse today ... with a brick, to the head

Better MousetrapIt was icky, I hated doing it but the silly sod had stuck it's back legs into the trap and not it's head like it's mate who was as stiff as a board. The mouse had dragged itself (and trap) about a metre to the double door and was obviously on trying to escape using its normal route. Here it had got stuck, the trap wasn't gonna fit under there, and that's where I found it this morning.

At first I was a bit puzzled as I looked around for the trap. Luckily I had opened the other side of the double door and which would've made a mess of the floor. I then saw the trap, went to pick to up and ... MOVEMENT! Poor sod. Was alive but resigned to its fate. The traps are pretty strong so I can imagine it was knackered from the middle backwards to the tail.

I gathered my thoughts. Found the other trap with stiff occupant. Aha, so there were 2!
Told Liz to keep Meg away, ironed shirt (was cold), popped mouse into a plastic shopping back and took it out to the garden. Brick. Drop. Sickening crack. Oh, that was just the trap.

Brick. Drop. Shaking.
Brick. Drop. Nothing.

Breath out.



Breath in. Oh well, on with the morning and off to work.

Life in the jungle and any death is always a loss (or is it?).
But it's never as easy as 'live and let live' and mouse shit isn't something I want my son or daughter eating (if it's on the floor they'll pop it in their mouth just to see).

BTW: Peanut butter works a treat.


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