TradeMe RSS feed of auctions by user - created using Yahoo! Pipes

TradeMe + Yahoo! Pipes =

[Updated] Stuart has extended my Pipe to include a full RSS [description] field. The feed is:

Rowan Simpson set a small challenge with his Vista gadget for Trade Me posting to take their public XML being used for the official Vista TradeMe gadget and use it for ... well, whatever.

An opportunity for me to create my first Yahoo! Pipe, yaaay.
For the benefit of those that don't know, Yahoo! Pipes is:
... a new online tool that allows you to blend, manipulate, and combine feeds from various data sources to create a streamlined, single feed of information. Essentially Yahoo Pipes allows you to create feed mashups of different data sources without having a knowledge of programming.

My Pipe was to take the TradeMe XML file (sample), manipulate it and feed out using RSS.
It took about an hour as this was the first pipe I had smoked (boom, boom) and I spent a lot of time just getting used to the interface, what I was actually trying to do and how it all hung together. As this was done in conjunction of ill kids, a relaxing glass of wine and chatting to Liz I suspect it only really took about 10 minutes.

The basic feed is done but there is more work to do on the [description] tag. If anyone can help take the XML fields for each listing and concatenate them into one RSS [description] then I am all ears.

And the result is an RSS feed of a specific sellers current auction items ordered by auction end date (ending soonest listed first) - simply replace the nickname with whichever seller yopu want to subscribe to.

TradeMe 'auction by seller' feed in reverse End Date (finishing soonest at the top). This feed is based on the official TradeMe XML feed. TradeMe is the #1 New Zealand based auction site similar to eBay.

I'm not the only one doing great things with the XML feed, check out Geekzone Gadget, Trademe Gadget, XML APIs and Surfarama: Monitor your Trade Me auctions on your mobile


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