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MY electronic world is changing - so is yours

Christ, all I seem to blog about is Google!

Google 'universal search' ships Web 2.0 to the masses
Anyway ... conversation with a work colleague around 'Web 2.0' and how it's been reoorted that only white, affluent and males are really interested and taking up the "Web 2.0" world was quickly disproved by myself (a white, affluent male) by showing of the new Google 'universal search' (press release | blog). The results pages now has "Web 2.0" functionality nicely tucked in amongst the standard results.

An example: Google 'darth vader' search
(go on, click it - only works for the google.COM and not

See how the pictures are integrated, slightly differing header with 'drop down' AND, the YouTube video found can be played directly inside the page.

Yahoo!/Flickr remove items
This has me really worried. As Yahoo! censors pictures by deleting them it is setting a dangerous precedent and one that users of online services will have to consider. When an item (document, picture, video, whatever) is on your PC it's yours. When it's on the Web it's yours ... probably.

For me that has heightened my search for a method of securing my Flickr pictures for the future. I totally love the service, the 'share ability' but I always want piece of mind.