Poll: Should I split this blog into two?

[Updated] OK, so the voting is split 50/50 ... bum.
Executive decision - whilst I will keep it all in one place I will think of a way that splits the content so you can show/hide the IM/KM/"work" stuff.

As you probably know I use this blog for 3 main reasons:
  1. Keep in touch with the folks and friends away from Wellington
    (especially when it comes to sharing the photo's)
  2. Pop-up to the random readers the funny, quirky, thought provoking pieces of Web-ness I discover
  3. Somewhere from me to get my thoughts around 'work' issues out in the open
The dilemma I am stuck with is that the 'work' items and the other 2 are rarely subjects that cross-over in feel, audience or source and so should probably be separated out (as most "good blogging' guides will insist).

However, I am also of the view that we are not distinct areas of expertises and much like people are connected, ideas and approaches are connected as well, even within one person.

And that's the dilemma - what do you think?


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