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One of the highlights of the all too brief visit to the UK was getting back in touch with love comedy wrapped around with 'satire' and my 'love of words.' And the British are masters of all these ... well, when I say "the British" I mean those that can speak intelligently and hang around the BBC for kicks.

For me, the epitome of this is Stephen Fry* and he has his own programe - QI: Quite Interesting - which just rocks (my satirical/humorousness/word-y world).

And my YouTube/Google Video (others?) adventures are uncovering more and more gems. Last night I watched oodles of QI and had to drag myself off to bed with a severe telling off as it was Toastmasters morning (6am ... it's still bloody dark!!)

I won't bore you anymore with my rantings, here are the links, click away to enjoy QI but do report back once you've had your fill:
And now, what you've been waiting for - the videos. There are so many to choose from I thought I start you off with the 'buzzer compilations", here's what Wikipedia has to say on the Buzzers:
Each of the panel has a buzzer, the sound of which is often based along some sort of theme. The sounds are demonstrated at the beginning of the programme, but are sometimes changed in some way the very next time they are used. Davies' buzzer usually contradicts the others' in some amusing way. Davies' buzzer has been the last to be demonstrated in every episode except for the pilot, in which he went first and Eddie Izzard, with a sillier buzzer, went last.

Enjoy the following from the Pilot Episode, Series 1 & Christmas Special and then buzzers from Series 2 & Christmas Special, Series 3 and Series 4 & Christmas Special

* Stephen Fry's was one of the first real websites I ever visited


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