Weirdo woman in the UK causing untold damage - find her and get her arrested

Not a lot I can do from here but pass on the plea from Rachel to those over there (UK) - this is from JonnyB who says it as I would and saves me typing:
I'm not a great fan of internet campaigns - too much 'look at me! I'm a nice caring person!' But on the basis that in addition to the London traffic we have 200 or so regulars that I have scarily and stalkily identified as logging on from Oxford, this is hopefully a bit relevant.

I also don't like the term 'cyber stalking'. Like 'road rage' it seems a nice cosy phrase to mask what's just a new variation on an old ugly crime. Felicity Lowde ('FJL') has been bullying and manipulating bloggers and internet users for a couple of years now, including readers of and linkers to this site, and a couple of people who I'd now call 'friends'. She's been convicted; she's now on the run and continuing to work from (it's assumed) internet cafes or libraries in London or Oxford.

Rachel North's become a public focus of this - her story's in the Sunday Telegraph today. Being the Sunday Telegraph, they've used a photo of Rachel (who is quite fit) rather than the woman that the public are being asked to help catch (who was once quite fit). It's likely to hit the rest of the mainstream press next week.


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