They hold a grudge in Palmerston North and take things slowly in Dunedin

Palmerston North
And John Cleese has been soundly lambasted for his 2005 comment that Palmy was the "suicide capital of New Zealand" ... hee hee.

I quote from the Radio New Zealand news site:
A sign has reportedly been put up outside a city council rubbish tip, renaming it Mount Cleese.
It says the Palmerston North-born comedian Fred Dagg suggested it be called the John Cleese memorial tip, after Cleese made his comments about the city during a tour in 2005.

I love these 'kids TV comedy moments' that come to life. I especially like that, despite it having a slight Benny Hill feel, it ended very grown up and serious with pepper spray, tear gas and tyre spikes. This time the story comes from Stuff*:
A Dunedin man will appear in court today charged with stealing a bus after he lead police on a one and a half hour slow-paced chase through the city.

Senior Sergeant Brian Benn said police tried to stop the bus after it went through a red light at the intersection of London and Pitt Streets about 12.25am today.

The driver failed to stop and carried on driving through several more red lights while being pursued by police.

Mr Benn said police then cordoned off part of the city hoping the driver would park the bus.

But the bus drove through the cordon and police abandoned the chase and watched it from a distance.

"The bus then drove in a safe manner at speeds between 40 and 50km/h obeying normal road signals and traffic lights," Mr Benn said.

The bus travelled more than 50km before police used road spikes and a truck to stop it.

The armed offenders squad used tear gas and pepper spray on the driver.

A 26-year-old Dunedin man was to appear in Dunedin District Court today charged with dangerous driving, failing to stop and unlawfully taking the bus.

The bus and one police car suffered moderate damage.

* As Stuff doesn't keep it's web history online I've included the whole story


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