Is anyone actually taking notice of the yacht race over in Spain?

Emirates Team New ZealandThe latest bout of Americas Cup is about to kick off over in Valencia (Spain) and, of course, there seems to be an NZ side trying their damnedest to sail their boat around the course faster than the others.

The NZ side is Emirates Team New Zealand aptly named after a foreign airline, *ahem*

Anywho. There seems to be a wee bit of interest here in NZ, the odd TV advert now and again, a couple of news items popping up but really it's faded away from the heady days of red socks and Sir Peter Blake claiming the cup for NZ* for the first time in 1995!?

And so, to give those yachting people representing NZ* a wee bit of support from me, here's all the links that you will ever want:

* NZ = Auckland Yachting Club but most people in New Zealand sort of claim it as their own. Be interesting if some crazy multimillionaire put forward a challenge from, say Wellington, how the 'team NZ' malarkey would be viewed then.


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