It's the hypocrisy in the USA culture that gets me, for example ...

They* claim to be the land of the free but have no sense of others property, right to speech or even life (both internally and externally).

They claim that everyone has the right and ability to be who they want, even the president of the United States. This is clearly a lie - what black, Hispanic, gay, female, poor, homeless (all or some of those) has a chance?

They claim to be a God fearing nation which, on the face of it, maybe true (90% believe in God, *crickey*) ... but what about all the killing? Surely if they truly believed God existed and could exact terribly afterlife revenge upon them they would be living each and every minute doing their level best to be nice to everyone and everything - think vicar not soldier or bureaucrat.
(this nugget of a thought was inspired by Scott Adam's e-book, Gods Debris - a cracking read)

I dunno - maybe we only care because they are rich** and it's easy to knock the rich guys. Who, for instance, ever talks about NZ in the same way? Perhaps the 'world leadership' should be stripped off them as it's only a perception, an idea that we've bought into and they actually aren't the 'world leaders' (did you vote for them?). Let's give it a nation like Sweden, see what they can do with the huddled masses.

* They, such a sweeping statement. And of course as with any other general and sweeping statements on a culture these are aimed at the views of the majority but not one individual.
Aaaaaaaaand, the USA, like every other country (including Germany, Iran, France, Chile and North Korea) is capable of giving to the world a whole stack of cool things. The USA has certainly given us some amazing art, music, technology and increased the sum of human knowledge quite considerably.

** Rich = powerful.


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