Fronde CEO has his own blog

Jim Donovans blog: En AvantThere are some in the IT world that "get it". They understand that life is all about relationships and connections and that this applies equally within the corporate walls as it does outside.

The new "Web 2.0" approach to our wee* electronic world is nothing if it's not breaking down of the traditional boundaries we have placed around a lot of items. Items such as nationality, political view point, information, organisation and even happiness, dreams and success. This breaking down of boundaries then lets the connections and relationships flow so much more naturally.

It's great to see that Jim gets it ... in fact, I knew he got it and is helping others within Fronde 'get it'. And so I say, welcome to the blogging world Jim and, whilst I know that the blog is yours and not a Fronde branded site, I am sure we'll all see how the boundary between 'work' and 'not work' is blurred over time.

Jim Donovans (CEO, Fronde) blog, En Avant**:

* 'wee' = 'small' and that's because I'm not yet hooked into it 24/7 a la The Matrix just yet (I think) and therefore it's a small part of my life
** His name for the blog is explained in his ‘En Avant’ and Isambard Kingdom Brunel posting


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