Where the hell is Matt?

Where the hell is Matt?Amazing travel/dancing video courtesy of Mr Reasonable over at Whispering Inferno. Seems like this guy (Matt) is having a blast in life and letting us all join in/watch via his journal/blog [website].

I have no concept as to how he can do this ($$$s), why he wants to and where it's all going and that's the joy of it - who cares, he's dancing around the world and making accurate and well thought out comments on the places he's in. On ya Matt!

I also agree with Mr R, let's all catch-up with Matt and make it a fun visit in Wellington:
I think those fine folks over at Wellingtonista Towers could organise a great Blogfest welcome for Matt if he gets to Wellington; a mass dance at the top of Mt Kaukau maybe? Go on, register on his site and get him to our fine city; he doesn't mention us once in his NZ journal so we need him here. Maybe he could dance with Queen Helen......

(and the outtakes video makes a great follow up to this vid)


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