Why is IT lumped in with Finance?

Typing pool or IT departmentI don't know about you but I have found that IT* departments are normally lumped under the Finance area and it bugs me.

I get the why - historically computers were used solely for counting numbers ($$$).

And if the IT* section is big enough it gets its own report to the CEO/head cheese ... hell, if it gets big enough it becomes its own division or even company.

But, for the average sized companies IT* is stuck under Finance ... why (see above)?
If it really has to go 'under' something wouldn't HR make more sense? IT is generally about people and process - people doing things for a reason. The tool (the computer in this case) is merely that, a tool.

Whaddya reckon?

*IT = Information Technology.
But IT gets called a gazillion different things for almost as many reasons - ITS, ITSS, ICT, Computer Dept are just some I've worked in!


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