Home alone

HomeLiz, Jack and Meg have flown down to Christchurch for a long weekend (i.e., all the way from now until next Monday). The means I am home alone ... with some dollars ... and plans!

Before I share my plans please know that this happens on such a rare occasion that it will be the simple things in life that I will be enjoying. The all night raves (does any say that anymore?), the weekend long orgies and the comic festivals are just gonna have to wait until next time.

However, do not feel you can't point me towards other things to do during the next 120 hours. This is the plan so far ...

Wednesday: Completed to 100% satisfaction
  • Quiet ONE (maybe two) beers after work with whoever's around
  • Home, get some DVD's for the week
  • Takeaway pizza + cheap bottled beer
Thursday: Complete to 90% satisfaction (missed the bath but fell asleep to an extra DVD)
  • Work
  • Wine with Philippa
  • Home, bath ... luxuriate
Friday: 100% complete ... thank you Pete, Ric and Crusader fans (especially Just)
  • 6am video conference .. wholly malloly!?!?
  • 7am ... sleep
  • Watch 300 Hot Fuzz at the cinema
  • Get myself comfortable in a bar and watch a rugby game ... quiet, one drink, on my own, others can join me if they like
  • Over to a mates in Seatoun for a few more games, some beer and a laff
  • Home, play on the Web until the very small hours of Sunday
  • Brunch at either Eva Dixons or Chocolate Fish/Frog
  • Read the Sunday papers
  • Lazy afternoon, doze off
  • DVD watching with a mate that's crashing in the evening
  • Work
  • Clean
  • Pick up Liz and the kids
Tuesday/Wednesday (not alone but also not working)
  • Play with the kids all day
  • Pleasure Liz as much as humanly possible
And that, my friend, is a plan to be happy with!
However, do not feel you can't point me towards other things


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