Tell me if you like ...

... waking up thinking that it's Tuesday or Thursday and then realising it's Sunday
This is just one of many questions from a brilliant children's book, Tell me if you like ... (by Gérrad Gréverand, illustrated by Magali Bardos), Jack and I got out from the library today.

I can't recommend it enough for those parents that want to entertain their kids as well as connect and share their own stories.
The little things that make us happen are like magical moments.
Our five sense dwell upon these experiences before tucking them away forever in our memories.
Everyday smells, tastes and colours create impressions that strike a chord in a way that is sometimes difficult to explain.
They become associated with your first steps through life, like countless little pebbles strewn along the way.
In lingering for a few seconds on these special movements your realise what you like and don't like, and this way you get to know yourself better. Saying what you likes is a bit like writing your own story or painting your own picture of yourself.

Buy it from Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Jaberwocky (Auckland) but nowhere in Wellington :-(
Reviews at Times of London and The Guardian
Stocked by Wellington City Library (Central, Johnsonville, Karori, Newtown and Miramar (but we've got that one).

Expect more 'tell me if you like ...' questions over the coming months.


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