TWTWTW*, the best of MiramarMike, 15th-22nd April, 2007

TWTWTW: That Was The Week That WasI think my weeks top article is probably Hard to work inside an organisation - the escape plan as I point out that whilst IT departments are likely to knock you back when you ask for tools that you count as normal outside of an organsation don't let the buggers get away with it. My most commented on article is definitely my crowing about My proudest online moment - I have a mention on Dave Barrys blog - and I forgot to supply my blog URL so I got no clickthroughs from the highly popular Dave Barry blog, doh!

As for the masses of feeds I read the following shared items (to the right) are what I would call 'must reads' limiting myself to 10 - enjoy:
  1. Bad Day at the Office - wellington
  2. Playing favourites #1: Wellington City Library - wellington
  3. Recreating vintage photos of London - toys
  4. Google Acquires Marratech; Gets Into WebEx Territory - tech-news
  5. Tap the Goat - humour
  6. Christmas party office fling embarrassment approaches month five - humour
  7. Tyukanov Revisited - books
  8. Flight of the Conchords: Jenni - wellington
  9. Why PASSION is so critically important to happiness. - blogs
  10. On the boundless worship of a bloke in a suit with a huge papier mache head - humour

As there were no repeatable photo from my week I thought I'd share the Monmouth photo from the other photos posted on Flickr that I have fed to me:
Flickr: Commemorative History Table, Monmouth

And finally, Essentials of Buddhism [religion + reference] is the top site added to my bookmarks

I have been pondering how to get "fresh air" into my information feeds and have started using StumbleUpon so the normal patterns may get a bit hectic as I add the random sites that interest me. If anyone has any ideas on how to discover good reads please don't hesitate to tell me.

* TWTWTW = That Was The Week That Was. Named after a 1960's British satirical TV programme [BBC | Wikipedia]


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