Weather = wet, cold, windy ... let's have a 4 laughs

Two from Boing Boing - the first is titled, Hamster-powered shredder
Hamster-pwered shredder

Secondly we have Boing Boings article, Real life vagina dentata:
This device, apparently similar to a female condom but with razor sharp teeth, will go on sale this month in South Africa for around 14 cents. Apparently it's designed to fasten to a rapist's penis during penetration.
Go girl!

Penultimate (but possibly most value) we have the Flight of the Chonchords (best NZ export since ... freezer containers) and their Hiphopopotamus vs Rhymenoceros set on YouTube via Wellingtonista (nice James):

And we end with Wandas pants ... the journey for Mrs Harland continues at even greater speed, brilliant:
Wandas DomPost undies


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