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Where to put your bookmarks / favourites

My bookmarksWith the release of IE 7 I would wholeheartedly recommend that you no longer use the browser (be it IE 7 or Firefox) to store your bookmarks (favourites) - move to

Why - because is now integrated (once you use their add-in/extension - IE | Firefox) into the browser and your bookmarks are available from anywhere you can connect to the Interweb.

  • Store your bookmarks in one place, accessible whenever you can get online
  • Tag/label bookmarks in any way you want and get away from having to put a bookmark into one (and only one) folder
  • See who else is sharing the sites you bookmark
  • Keep a sneaky eye on people with the same interest and what they're bookmarking
  • Get your most used / latest sites in one view
Do it and thank me afterwards.

Although it's good you don't have to share if you don't want to