And now we have a home ...

Flickr: Miramar from Maupia Heights... and you'll never guess where.

Firstly - I am just amazed that we found the "perfect" house* with one viewing. We did a drive-by of a few yesterday afternoon in Ngaio and quickly discovered that $400/week was gonna be our minimum rent and even that was bringing up a lot of crap.

And then this particular property came on the market (well, before it was advertised actually - right phone call at the right time by Liz). We popped over this morning and there was our new home. The new landlord came to say hi an hour later and check us out and we obviously passed as he nearly gave us the keys there and then.

Oh, and it was a cool work vehicle the landlord drove up in - a full on fire engine, can you imagine Jacks' glee.

And so ... where is it? Miramar. But not just Miramar, the same number as previously and only one street away. Maaaate, it was meant to be.

MiramarMike will return in the new year once we are a wee bit settled.
(don't worry, I will sort out all subscriptions and re-directs for you all :-)

* Our 10 must-have's were (no order) - there was a whole stack of 'nice to haves' but this was the make or break items:
1: Dishwasher; 2: Separate dining area; 3: Large living area; 4: In-door- out-door flow; 5: 2 x double bedrooms; 6: View (hmm, don't really have that); 7: Secure garden; 8: Twice the outside as before; 9: Lots of sun; 10: In Wellington


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