Browsing the web using Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox ... who cares

Here at work I have IE 7 and Firefox 2 and I use whatever one the mouse lands on when I need to open a web page (all the time - it's nearly 100% my platform of choice at work as well as away)

I wouldn't worry too much about what browser you're using as long as it's one of those. If you're still using IE 6 (as most probably are) then make the move and be pleasantly surprised.

However, do make sure you have customised both to meet your own specific quirks:
  • Make sure the search bar is using your search engine of choice
    Firefox | IE

  • You've added all the wee 'add-ins / extensions' you want to make life easier
    Firefox | IE

  • Skinned it as you see fit
    Firefox | IE


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