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British celeb, who wot, when: one of many strange notes I seem to leave myself

I wonder what it can mean!
I use my mobile to leave wee notes about things I'd like to blog as I wander through life, here's what was on the mobile today gathered from the past month or so:

Transitions: William Bridges
Book on managing transitions (changes) for organisations - seems to be quite popular so I'm gonna give it a read at some point soon ... once my own tranistion from unemployed to employed is completed.

Nz aid, mfat web sites
A couple of sites that someone recommended I stick my details on to during the job hunt ... I haven't yet.
A blog commenting on ... something, have to go check it out to refresh the memory.
Oh, it's a general "technology/gadget/cool stuff" blog found via reading Wired at the Library.,
Zoomr - another photo place for you that is probably different to Flickr but I can't recall why I made the note and why I would be going there. - sweeet, TV by the people for the people (if you're Neave that is) - this is well worth watching. Be aware, fast connection and new(ish) computer/browser needed.
Another site for the job hunting - not used either, oh, no, I did ... but nothing came of it.

Gone off Irish accent
Aha, this is a nice one. For a long time, in fact ever since I can remember hearing the Irish accent and have been interested in things sexual, I have found that a woman can say anything to me with an Irish lilt and I am putty in her hands (well, not quite so 'soft'). I'm referring to the non-Belfast version which I find a too hard on the ears for my liking.
I used to say that if a woman turned to me in a bar and said, "Would you go fuck yourself and never come near me again" that if it was in an Irish accent I would happily acquesce and probably ask her to say it just one more time.

But those times have come to an end ... I no longer have that slight shiver down the spine when I hear it and it's become 'just' another accent. Wonder why. Bit of a shame really.

Buy your own bootsWot do brown boots say about a man
As I was waiting for the train from Plimmerton a week or so ago a guy came along wearing brown 'cowboy' boots. I was wondering what image he thinks he's portraying, what is he wanting us to think about him. If I recall, the boots were matched to the clothes but not in any "I want to be a cowboy" gradiose manner - it was the boots that stood out (!) not the clothes.

Just my mind meanderings of a morning.

Justin Fashanau
I read in the NZ Listener that he committed suicide because he thought he was gonna get dragged in by the police for kiddie-fiddling - as it turns out the police weren't going to investigate him. He was, if you don't know, a high profile gay football player in the UK which made for a very unhappy and quite turbulent combination - not that he was an angel with bribery and corruption part of his non-football life.

But still, committing suicide is such an desolate act and it breaks my heart when I hear of anyone doing it, especially young 'uns here in NZ (latest stats (2003) from NZHIS).