Who Stole The Hill?

You wouldn't know it from this photo but the white of the cloud hides a whole Wellington hill with a very famous view. 10th Feb, 2018

A Hitler or C Chaplin?

As you may know I have been growing a mustache for the Movember thingy here in NZ. I had a cracker in the fashion of Merv the Swerv ... well, maybe not quite as luxurious as his.

Today I shaved off the lower strands (!) in preparation for the full shave. I am now sporting a complete 'suburbian' - you know, I look like an accountant that lives in Tawa.

Tomorrow I am gonna shave off the rest BUT leave a little bit on the top lip just under the nose ... yep I will be sporting a:

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Who has the naming rights to the wee mustache?

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