Cute Or Terrifying

On the face of it this handwritten note on the neighbours window is cute and funny. Pop some movie horror music on it, add a little backstory, and this becomes a terrifying note just before the killings begin again!

Greg Wiggle - NOT hernia not cancer

As far as I can gather ... but then I've been wrong before, anyone else with the real news?

As Martha pointed out, I should read the comments before pronouncing such things in subject headings. From what I can gather using the power of Evadne Google (*) the following is the latest:
So, in a nutshell, it's a "mystery illness" but isn't cancer, isn't related to his hernia op ... AIDS? I dunno, making up scurrilous rumours with no basis in reality because it all reminded me of how celebs (think Freddy Mercury) were dying of various types of cancer back in the 80's all because AIDS just wasn't mentioned.
Just so you know: I made it up - don't, for heavens sake, repeat it.

And who knew he had his own website?