Two funnies from out there in the web world

Not geek stuff.

1: Roundabout shenanigans - Amanada at Darwinian Evolution
But the best story I saw was one I missed by being away last Friday:
‘Council workmen in Coventry have built a huge roundabout and placed "no exit" signs before every turn-off, meaning that once you're on, there is no way out.
‘Motorists following the instructions have ended up going round in circles.’

The next bit is really sweet:
‘The signs went up five weeks ago but such is the polite demeanour of British drivers that no one told the council until now.’
(source: Daily Telegraph, 5-Nov-2006)

2: UK Sky Movies correspondence - Vicus at Kaliyuga Kronicles
Original post:
I have sent the following query to Sky Movies. There will be no prizes other than my sincere affection for the one who mostly closely replicates the response.

I notice that Sky Movies is screening the film "Fantastic Four". I have not yet seen "Fantastic", "Fantastic Two" or "Fantastic Three". Do you have any plans to show these in the near future

Reply (read other comments, equally funny):
Thanks for your email regarding Sky Movies.

Unfortunately, there are no plans at present to broadcast previous 'Fantastic' films. However, your interest in these movies has been noted and passed to Sky Movies for their information.

Thanks for taking the time to contact Sky. We always welcome viewers' comments and feedback.

If you would like more information on our services and packages, or you simply want to see what is going on in the world of News, Sport, Movies or Entertainment, please log onto

Kind regards

Helen Forbes
Viewer Relations


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