Morning people, how was your evening - some random news items from my feeds

I have around 100 feeds that I check each morning (skim, headlines are key if you're writing articles) and here's a couple that caught the eye:
  • Google is truly an advertising machine using IT as its delivery method - and you thought they were all about search :-)
    ZDNet: Google Radio EXCLUSIVE: Audio Ads in pictures!

  • Re-usable printer paper - nice but damn expensive
    OhGizmo!: Toshiba B-SX8R Rewritable Printer

  • Google researchers talking about online collaboration - key phrase for me that indicates a system (theirs is Google Docs) is truly collaborative:
    The two of us sit separated by thousands miles, telephones tucked under our ears, talking about this blog post and typing words and edits into Google Docs. As we talk about the title, we start typing into the same paragraph -- and Lilly gets a warning: "You've edited a paragraph that Jens has been editing!" Lilly stops typing so she doesn't lose her thoughts and coordinates with Jens over the phone.
    CSCW 2006: Collaborative editing 20 years later

  • South Wales at the forefront of technology once again. But why did she call the bishop of St Asaph and what did they talk about?
    BBC: First call on new phone network

And finally, a wicked "how to use RSS feeds" from Marchall Kirkpatrick, one of the guys that wrote vast amounts of excellent quality blog postings for the TechCrunch


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