A job, a job, my kingdom for a job

Weird thing to crave for isn't it, a lifetime stuck at a job between the daylight hours serving the vision of someone else. Ach, whaddya gonna do ...

Without wanting to jinx everything I am very close to being able to announce good things for me in Wellington ... let's hope those wonderful, intelligent and probably extremely attractive referees will do right by me :-)

Other news from the winds of Plimmerton. With all things going well the family will be up to Wellington end of next week with a new (to us) car via the Interislander. From a mates house Liz and gang will venture out to find the perfect home - so please, keep an eye out for anything going and let us know, ta verily.

Nothing else to report really - loving the All Blacks in the northern hemisphere, loving being back in Wellington (despite the weather ... that's just as bad in Christchurch), loving having a good Internet connection and time to research the future.

Have a cracker and all will be revealed by the end of the week (all think positive between 2pm-3pm tomorrow and then during the salary negotiations)

Oh, one more thing - anyone have the following they'd care to lend us for some time:
  • single blow-up bed
  • lovely house with a garden and view
  • washing machine


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