Spam, sometimes it's funny: Pls help wife wants me dead!

Enjoy ... and then bait

To: me
Date: Nov 22, 2006 7:23 PM
From: John Grisham
Subject: Pls help wife wants me dead!
Dear friend, Please note that I am aware of the so many scams on the internet.All with just one aim:To defraud people of their money.In my case,please discontinue any further correspondence if I ever ask you to do anything with your personal money.I am simply on the internet to save my own life from iminent danger.My wealth seems to be capable of causing my untimely death.My wife seems to want me dead because I have been donating most part of my wealth to charity.She does not like the idea. I am looking for someone I can confide in as regards my current situation.People might think I am crazy but I am not,My wife has been seeing some other guy,I hired a detective to follow her and discovered a lot of things I would not want to talk about.I intend giving out all my wealth to charity organisations before I die. Please be nice enough to reply my email because you might be able to save my life with just an advice.I will want you to look out for charities I can donate to in your location asap.I look forward to reading your reply.Stay blessed. yours sincerely, John Grisham

Now, isn't John Grisham a famous book writer type person ... thrillers ... sold in airports ... no?


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