Our divorce can't be far away

Both Liz and I have, in separate incidents, lost our wedding rings. Yep, the universe is obviously speaking and it's saying, "Hey, I thought you guys said those rings were meant to be temporary ones ... where's the real deal?", or it's telling me that Anika Moa won't wait for ever .... JOKE!

Strange how it happens though. Liz thinks she might have lost her somewhere on our travels yesterday. That means it's either in Riccarton House and/or Bush or at Ferrymead Heritage Park and that's never gonna get found by us. If you happen to be wandering around in these areas and see a silver ring with subtle fern leaf impression please let us know.

Mine. Well, I took it off this morning and put it on the sofa as I smearing Jack with sunscreen. I have been known to catch his little fingers on it and it hurts the poor wee sod. And I must've just got up and away. So, it's probably still here, somewhere.

[Update 16-Jan]
Mum Betty found my ring ... it was on a table where I had obviously put it, *blush*

Anywho. Ferrymead Heritage Park. Anyone been? It's not exactly the height of professional entertainment but, well they try hard. Liz said it's become a lot more run down than she remembers (when she was a wee girl 20+ years ago) and I have to say it was pretty tacky. Well, "tacky" is probably not the word really ... um ... let me describe how it was for me yesterday.

We drove up into the new (brand new) car park and I thought, well they're spending money here. The entrance was cute, well stocked and the lady that gave us our tickets was nice. And then I got the guide (map etc) - it was obviously done either before computers or by someone that's not really up with the latest (pre-Windows), i.e. unprofessional and something you'd expect from the local church bazaar although the on-line version is quite funky.

We wandered into the church and a few of the old houses. One house had some of the "staff' all dressed up and stoking up the stove all authentic like. Nice.

As I walked down the empty 'main street' I was starting to expect tumbleweed to blow pass and then the old police station was my first hint of 'tackiness'. The mannequin had a very strange neck, something made out of cardboard to keep the head on. Not something Madame Tussauds would do!

We walked hither and thither and to be honest it just got worse. At one point it was like wandering through a deserted industrial estate waiting to see LA/Miami hoodlums take someone out of the boot of a car and shoot 'em. Ok, I've gone a little dramatic.

It was a place full of good intentions, loads of passion and oodles of great ideas. It was let down by the ability to deliver. Shame.

I also suspect that the 'park' is run by people with a high degree of involvement in one particular aspect. For instance, the model railway is run by railway enthusiasts (well, the model railway type of enthusiast) and they may not even know what's happening in the other parts of the park. Much the same with the real railway, the airplane restoration parts, the 'way we used to live' parts and all the rest.

We had a toasted sandwich and drink at The Cooperage ... 1980's sophistication here we come :-)

Anywho, I was gonna say that you should give it all a miss BUT if they actually had more visitors giving good feedback AND money (costs $10 per adult with pre-schoolers are free) they might be able to get back to the glory days and be able to deliver on their dreams ... and that would be pretty cool.


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