Rugby Sevens this Friday and Saturday

See you at the game OR you see us on TV.

Graeme and I will be jetting up to Wellington this Thursday afternoon in preparation for the Sevens for the weekend. We've got our 'official' Jamaican Netballers costume coming together - red rasta hats (with dreads), yellow tops, black skirts (short) and boots ... you won't miss us all (7 of us!)

Check out the latest Sevens news here but mostly here and the draw (match timetable) here.

We're back early Monday morning, don't forget it's Waitangi Day so you'll be thinking about this awesome country and how cool it is and we are to live in it. Or you'll be watching the TV and the political bunfight that normally happens and wondering why the few that get on the TV bother - the rest of us will have a blast.

If you're in Wellington I'd love to catch-up - drop me an email ( and see ya soon.

Oh, and go well Wales in the opening weekend of Six Nations games - they're against England at Twickenham. My full rugby 2006 calendar.


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