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Voting has commenced, llew isn't your choice

I feel let down and despondent - SunnyO won't be your man as he didn't even make the finalists.

Who do I give my Bloggies 2006 "Best Australian/New Zealand Blog" vote to ... the obvious choice would be Morphess at Trivial Pursuit but, to be honest, it's been a bit barren on that front for a while. When the posts come they are some of the funniest/poingiant readings you'll experience but it is a case of 'when'.

Then again, I don't even know who the others are.

And Caroline's Trivial Pursuit is actually on my "Regular Reads" to the left.

Not really a decision to be made is it - quality should always count over quantity (a lesson I should probably learn) and I'm hard pushed to think when she's dropped the quality, ever - check out these recent examples:

... I am making the far more awful discovery that my right ear plug is not, in fact, the lovely mouldable wax that I normally ensue but some old nicorette chewing gum
Bloody aligators and chewing gum

I had a lumbar puncture the other day. Naturally it went wrong and I had to spend six days flat on my back (whah blub) waiting for the antidote which is, believe it or not, to simultaneously take blood from a vein in ones arm and feed it into the epidural space (which is not a space) and force a clot to stop the dripping lumbar fluid. What larks!
Does it know the broken dreams and lost umbrellas? The joy the yearning,the giving birth the Christmas puddings the missed trains the lost opportunities and lost virginity the dead yellow gerberas and the Italian shoes. ...
Things you never expect to see

Do You Want A Wine? - Alcoholic beverage, not an excuse to talk about your mother.
The classic Kiwinese to English

How do people do this? I mean, I can’t even think of 100 things about myself. You really need to get out more, I’m only telling you this because I love you.
100 Things About Me

Oh, and to top it off she's extremely humble about it all :-)

Decision made. Vote cast - Best Australian/New Zealand Blog: Trivial Pursuit

And now it's your turn: