Life just rolls on doesn't it?

RoadBeen a while since I actually told you what's been happening down/up/across here in Christchurchland with the Riversdale's. Here ya go:

Meg (2 months) is growing up fast and she's still one whopper of a person (for her age). In fact, she's now into clothes that are designated 6-12month and not looking too shabby.
She's gurgling like a trooper (we call it talking but, you know) and has been smiling for ages.
She's sleeping mostly through the night and we're starting (only starting) to move out of the baby sleep and into a more normal human type of sleep pattern - long way to go yet before Liz and I can pop out to the pub/movies/clubs. I love Meg more and more and now she's giving back so much already she's making it easier and easier for that to happen.

Jack seems to have taken all the changes in his life extremely well and I am constantly amazed by both his ability to go with the flow and the way he takes new experiences on board. He's had to have a sort of "goodbye" to the nieces next door as they grow up and, as is totally normal, move away from wanting to play 24/7 with the wee 2-year-old. That's possibly been the toughest for Liz and I regarding Jack. He loves his sister and he loves his life. I love him.

Liz is coping and growing (as she has done in the past with other times of change) with the challenge 2 kids place on a person. She is another constant wonder to me and quite an inspiration as well. I love her. Never found her wedding ring though, have to come up with a

And me - working at an average pace for the past month or so what with Christmas, the workplaces natural rhythm (ie, sloooow) and some internal political/sign-off stuff that's had me on hold. I have a bloody busy short week starting tomorrow though and I'll be looking forward to the Wellington Rugby Sevens visit to recharge the old batteries.
I'm learning loads one of which is that I am bloody good at what I do. Funny how one tends to think that anyone could do the things you do for a living and, "surely this is obvious stuff isn't it?" - well, not always I've found. I also re-discovered that I have times of being fairly average at getting the enthusiasm high when there's no external pressure, something I am actively working on.
And I've got my 3 KM items I am gonna be the best ever at:
  1. Social Network Analysis (in all it's definitions and finery)
  2. Use of Narrative work (tying back to my love of Narrative Therapy in the Counselling days)
  3. Making all the "KM" stuff real for people in organisations - particularly trying to show people how 'simple' it really is and how easy ICT solutions can make life if only they were designed with the (current/required) culture of the organisation in mind.

That's probably us - we're aiming for some cool times with mates, thinking about the old UK/Sweden trip this August and what'll be the best for us - a mutli-faceted subject that has many ways of being skinned much like that poor old proverbial cat. I know that whatever we do will involve a little hardship and sadness and much joy for us whilst annoying some and pleasing others - I s'pose that's Esther Rantzen for ya!

Immediate plans:
  • Get through the week and knock off the to-do list at work
  • Start to truly explore what the UK/Sweden options are (are there actually any/many KM jobs oop north, do we really want to move again, do we want to change what are plans were for moving to Christchurch ... ?)
  • Have a blast with as many mates as possible in Wellington
    (hope the Jamaican Netballers uniforms are too silly ;-)
  • Start to move the files off the PC and on-line for 'anywhere/time access'
  • Get up to Riversdale (Beach) sometime in the next few months
  • Start to go out with Liz for some us time (when Meg moves into that space)
  • Enjoy my current work life (KM is sooooo me ;-)
  • Have a blast with the Super 14 - I am really looking forward to it; my full rugby 2006 calendar. I assume there'll be a Virtual Super 14 for us all to do badly in!?
  • Put up Chapter Five: The Hellraiser Years (Sydney) to my life story (1, 2, 3 and 4)
  • Watch, listen and learn as much as I can from Tony at work
  • Keep to the New Years Resolutions - the Pilates has taken a backwards step already, abusive yet encouraging comments are allowed!
So, that's us, enjoy the piccies I've just put up.
Oh, how you?

Road picture by Hey Jack Kerouac at Flickr


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