Netballers at the rugby Sevens

(your input is required further down the post so stick with us ...)

Ai, stay out of the circle and don't walk with the ball - we're coming to the Sevens dressed up as netballers. When I say we I mean Tim, Graeme, myself with Amanda, Kim and Karen with a maybe from Adam (go on maaaate, you know you want to).

Mind you, Graeme (bother-in-law) knows nothing of this yet as he's away from the whanau commune and on holiday. That should be an exciting moment for him.

The garb:
  • White T-shirt - tight is the go, sleeves fine but not long
  • Navy blue skirt (above the knee)
  • Boots - the bigger the better :-)

Karen is gonna check out the bibs (things with numbers on) and we (Stunned Graeme and I) will bring the ball.

That just leaves 'accessories' - Karen mentioned tying up her hair, all fine and dandy but Graeme and I aren't exactly covered all over the bonce with hair.

So, my (our) question to you all find fine blog reading people is what can we do/use to accessorise?
make-up? nails? bangles? earings? shiny party wigs?


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