How long should we go to UK/Sweden for?

Image hosting by PhotobucketFor those that have been following the lives of MainlanderMike (known to most as Mike ... Mike Riversdale, no hiding of identities on this blog, ooh no siree bob ...always wanted to say that [gets out life goal list, tick]). As I was saying for those that read the blog will know that my brother (4 years younger, slightly taller, much fitter and always garners the comment, "Oh! Is that your bother Mike? He's such a looker ... wouldn't have gues-" - especially from the girls!) is getting married to the lovely Linda (from Stockholm, Sweden, great laff, tall and very good looking - yes, they are fairly suited) on August 12th.

Of course his big brother (with accompanying family) will be at the ceremony (in the Stockholm area) and this has lead us to have nightly chats about exactly how long we should go for. Two weeks is the first answer as it must be standard "Western" (how can NZ be called a Western Country - west of what?) holiday allowance - how nice of those bosses to allow such a thing. But, 2 weeks ain't gonna be enough with 2-3 days in Singapore on the way to break the journey, 1-2 on the way back (5 days gone) that leaves us 11 days to see everyone we want in the UK and attend said wedding in Sweden.

Three weeks ... well, if we go 3 why not round it up to a month?

Now we enter into the realms of work and what I want to have back in NZ when we return. The job here at the Christchurch City Council is pretty good - the people are generally good (if a little slow at making things happen) and the way both the council and the IT Unit (called "IM&CT" - what do you think that means?) are moving totally fits with the way I want to work - in fact, I'm helping them move that way. But, it is moving very VERY slowly ... maybe a tad too slow. Am I truly making a difference?

I could, of course, take leave without pay if that suited both us and the Council ... an option.

Then there is the World Cup 2011 (I'm referring to rugby union for those that instantly think of soccer/football) here in NZ. I know that might not seem to have a great deal to do with this BUT they are, as I write, setting up the organisation that will be setting up and running this competition. Now wouldn't that be an awesome event to be an integral part of.

And they're based in Wellington.

So maybe we think about going over to the UK for more than a month ... but would we want to actually live there? Maybe.

Or maybe a quick 2 weeks is the way to go and return back to the job as if nothing happened.

What do you think? What options haven't we thought of? What creative ideas could you come up with? Leave your comment


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