Mum and Dad have gone

Not for ever, obviously.

They flew out from a sunny and hot Christchurch on Saturday afternoon with a few tears but not a huge amount as we'll all be meeting up for my brothers wedding in August (see next posting). They flew into a very sunnny and extremely hot Brisbane.

With them being here for quite a while (they've been away since 10th Dec but we got them in out mits on the 22nd) we definitely got used to having them around. Even when they slopped off to Hamner or down to Dunedin for a few days you always knew they were gonna be back. Was a bit weird Saturday afternoon when they weren't.

We're now left in chez Redwood all on our own (just the 4 of us!) as Carol (Ma-in-law) is loving staying at Jane's (Sis-in-law and on family hols in Singapore for ages). She gets to use the wee sporty car, not have kids toys all over the floor and generally have a wild old time of it.


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