Just a few of us around and about in January

Graeme (Uncle to Jack and Meg) has a giggle with the wee fella.

Jack and Zoe watch Graeme slice up the fish after a mornings work out Lyttelton way.

Of course they have completely gone from Jack and Meg's life by any stretch of the imagination, which is awesome for them both.

And then the Kids Patch at the Buskers Festival (finished today - the picture is of Stacey & Tracey from OzStar, the MC's for the kids stuff) before heading off to the Botanic Gardens and a dip in the pool at the awesome playground ...

We're weaning Jack off the "blandett" - he can have it at home and, if we think it's gonna be a loooong day, in the car but no more carrying the thing through the undergrowth :-)


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