Bow before your official sanctioned co-leader

The Man Who Would Be KingAccording to Morphess and her dreams (nay, vision, plans and detailed goals) outlined in her World Manifesto, If I Ruled the World the following will be taking place in a short time, once she has gained your populist vote for her mighty blog:

Llew and Mike get Wales and New Zealand to do with as they wish, moku's are allowed - and perhaps should be made mandatory - but no facial hair please Mike.

As noted by your new co-leader in response to this new position we will immediately look into shipping vowels from one and spread them around the other whilst moving some of the consonants the other way.

Please stay tuned for the world domination dateline, NZ/Wales handover celebrations and the new stamps for your envelopes ...

PS: still in consultation with her Supreme Highness and Giver of Jobs to the Worthy about the goattie - I mean, look at Sean's!!


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