Buskers Festival - recommendation

It's Tuesday and the opportunity to see the buskers will rush by and be gone too soon. Get out and about, forget having that sandwich in the office, don't go and sit in the normal place and sip your juice, give the gym a miss just this once. There's loads of cool things to do but it'll stop on the 29th!

And then that's it for another year here in Christchurch.
(unless you truly do only live for the rugby)

Image hosting by PhotobucketI've been lucky enough to be in the right place and the right time to see nearly (almost) everyone I had earmarked last week and some I hadn't but were very good. And the best, by far, was Mario - Queen Of The Circus

I only got to see the final 10 minutes of his show but will be making a point of being there for the whole thing on:
  • Tuesday January 24th – 4pm Cathedral Square
  • Wednesday January 25th – 1.15pm City Mall Starbucks
  • Thursday January 26th – 2pm Cathedral Square / 7pm CPIT Busker Comedy Club
  • Friday January 27th – 1.15pm City Mall Starbucks /7pm CPIT Busker Comedy Club (MC)
  • Saturday January 28th – 7pm CPIT Busker Comedy Club (MC)
  • Sunday January 29th – 2pm Cathedral Square / 7pm CPIT Busker Comedy Club
Talking to a mate yesterday afternoon she also highly recommended the Busker Comedy Club - here's the blurb from the Buskers website:
Cabaret style, outdoor variety show.
For mature audiences only R18.
(NO children please due to ADULT content of show)

Arts Centre North Quad, 2 Worcester Blvd.
Nightly 7.00 pm – 10.30 pm (doors open at 5.30 pm)
Entry via gold coin donation
Performer’s pass the hat twice per evening (please give generously)

No BYO chairs (small cushions okay), No BYO food or drink (food and drink available on site- cash and eftpos only) For the maximum enjoyment of all attending we ask smokers to please refrain while in the North Quad performance area.


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